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Gary - First of all, congratulations on getting the book out of your hands. I know how good that feels.

If I may quote here:

"Enterprises do analytics. They just don’t use analytics."

They do, but all too often they are used to produce dashboards of questionable relevance or utility.

"Enterprises have A/B testing tools and teams and they run lots of tests. They just don’t learn anything."

This is because the test designs and results interpretation are colored by a priore assumptions that are politically correct.

"Enterprises talk about making data-driven decisions. They don’t really do it. And the people who do the most talking are the worst offenders."

Oh so true.

"Everyone has gone agile. But somehow nothing is."

Agility is generally inversely proportional to the size of the organization. Methodology cannot change that, only culture can.

"Everyone says they are focused on the customer. Nobody really listens to them."

A slight exaggeration.

I would add this: The basic principles of general performance measurement - i.e. tying strategy to tactics to measures to benchmarks - often seem to be forgotten in the digital world. What is the objective: Reach? Engagement? Conversion? Some combination? In my experience, getting consensus on this can be exceedingly difficult.

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