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Hi Gary,

Thank-you for your post, great reading.

I was wondering if you could expand upon the "Taxonomy & Meta-Data Systems" section a bit for me as I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are referring to. I'm not really sure what is being classifying here and what the meta-data is referring to. How does it differ from the ETL in the previous step? Would it be possible to provide concrete examples relating to this step?

I appreciate you don't have time to write long answers to all the comments on your blog, but seeing as I understand most of what you say clearly it would be great to understand the entirety of the topic discussed here.


Thanks for your timely post, great to be able to show this to management when putting the case for more resources to build out a 2-tier segmentation strategy!

I guess you touch on it when you mention using this analytical foundation for subsequent reports, my experience is that without this, effectively measuring your personalisation efforts is impossible. Because you need to be able to model customer behaviour before you can measure changes in that behaviour driven by your efforts. And without a good classifications on, for example, tasks and task-completion, I don’t think this is possible.

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