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Great message! Analysts and business will find significant opportunity and value by breaking away from heavy analysis of summary data, refined by a set of user defined and automated features/dimensions. Reviewing the data in its most basic parts presents many opportunities to add features for your specific business context and apply more sophisticated statistical methods of analysis. As described, event or session level summarization enables cluster analysis; and further, how users progress between different stages/clusters of behavior. Finding this significance with summary data is a fool's errand, if not impossible. Unpacking the weblog a bit further, a process could be developed to link users who cross unique domains or even analytics log providers - when a user moves from one owned data set to another unique owned data set). Pathing can be visualized, and processed as a user experiences it - with the ability to demonstrate tab browsing behavior.

Most of all, the benefit of this data for me has been the change in posture of team members in understanding this data and identifying optimizations or questions for future analysis. Humanizing the data brings people together to problem solve. Thanks for posting and sharing.

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