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Hi Gary,

So now we are really talking about analytics leadership which is notoriously thin. In order to get the variation you need and the cross-business unit testing the senior team must see analytics as a priority. I think that is occurring more but still lagging.

Meanwhile, until we get that overarching data science budget and quantified customer focus through testing, we are left with the small wins strategy. Small wins is are created when one business unit finds testing synergies with another to lift both thereby creating a live example which proves the need for "landscape" analytics leadership.

Here's an analogy. Testing today within business silos is like asking all the people in the NorthEast what they think of your brand. The assumption is that no one from Portland (Oregon) ever crosses over to Pittsburgh. And while you can gain insights this way, the lack of variation from the rest of the country will clearly limit the macro learning and more powerful insights that could result.

All the best,

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