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I found it very remarkable that Her is not visualized, but "only" acoustic. This is certainly challenging for telling the story in a movie, but this is also why the movie works as it does.

It's a clever move, imho, the movie is not providing a linear speculation on how augmented reality is supposed to develop as something visually only. This makes the movie at the same time way more personal and it creates a futuristic vision of a real AI (isn't a GUI always a workaround for handling "stupid" tools, while really smart tools would understand what to do without a visually structured and by this limited interface?).

Her transports emotions directly, not a visualization of an emotion, which can be interpreted very differently.

It remembered me to Marshall McLuhan's "The Medium is the Message": "The ear is hyperesthetic, compared to the neutral eye. The ear is intolerant, closed, and exclusive, whereas the eye is open, neutral, and associative."

Does this mean that Glass will always be a tool, but Siri could become a friend? ;-)

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