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Very opinionated and hard hitting. Is this new persona part of your New Year's resolution?
Great post and I plan to incorporate into our plan for this year!


I'm worried about "opinionated" and "hard-hitting" - though I suppose it was intended to be at least "decided" and "firm"!

After I wrote this post I happened to read an article on Foreign by Charles Emmerson that made the point I wanted to make about technology change but rather more elegantly:

"In the end, technological advances, remarkable in themselves, change things much more than we can ever expect -- the speed of adoption of new technologies is hard to predict, and the second- or third-order impacts of adoption even less so -- but also much less. However new the technology, it is ultimately being grafted onto the rather old technology of the individual human, or the community, or the state. And even the newest of technologies can be manipulated for the oldest of ends. "

As exciting as the changes in technology in our industry have been, the pace of change in application of measurement often seems very frustrating to me (and I suspect not just to me).

In keeping with the spirit of New Year's resolutions, mine is to focus on driving that type of change by significantly increasing the value of measurement - I know that's ALWAYS been your focus Alex - but it isn't nearly as common as I'd hope amongst even our relatively sophisticated client-base!

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