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Hi Gary

Excellent and enriched (as usual) summary of that fascinating huddle. We need more of those discussions, away from applications, and the latest online fad, and focusing on the work itself, what it means to perform analyses.

Although I was one of the proponents of exploration, I also do believe that asking really strong heuristic questions is a better approach. This is actually how I usually perform the work. I also try, however, to make time for unguided exploration, well, at least in my mind.

I was surprised by your statement about some sub-conscious process. Yes, there is probably a lot of that. Having done that for over a decade now, I would say that I have probably developed some non-explicit ways (method?) of choosing which stones to turn, knowing from experience that something often hides underneath. I guess it could even be to the point where that gut exercises some influence on the discovery process even when I think I am looking at the data with a fresh, objective look.

This makes for a really fascinating discussion...

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