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I thought the Laffer curve had been debunked by now, since the marginal income per incremental hour worked could still be greater than the marginal tax rate, which tends to be true for higher income earners?

Some professions are disproportionally well paid, but many professionals work long hours and deliberately choosing not consume their leisure time in exchange for a high marginal income. The income per marginal hour worked could be enough of an incentive, even at very high marginal tax rates. In real life and in many professions, to really make it you work 80h/wk instead of 40/wk, but you expect to get paid more than 2x the norm, and therefore the high marginal income outweighs even a very high marginal tax rate.

Applied to online merchandising, more promotions ALWAYS work with some customers, whereas with other customers, promotions and merchandising levers generate very low (or even negative) incremental gross profits. Personalisation and segmentation is the solution. With regards to the taxation system and the laffer curve however it can neither be personalised nor segmented to fit with the individual motivational triggers of each and every tax payer.

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