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I think I understood where you were going with the whole futility of measuring mentions. Is the value of a NY Times mention vs a blog mention important? I think you definitely have a point but I'm wondering if it isn't necessarily the mention but what it is that is expressed is what's important. I think the initial analysis that identifies the 'mention' is only the starting pt., the next step is to extract meaning and that can mean different values to different companies. Retailers may be more interested in consumers expressing an intention to purchase; entertainment companies may focus their analysis on consumers expressing an intention to view, reducing the total volume numbers to an overall trending value. I don't know that you can discount the 'total mention count' anymore than you can 'total visits'; each provides some context for the more important metric.

Thanks for sharing! Hope I got the gist of your post correct and responded appropriately!
-Jennifer @collectual

I liked your post very much. A few points, if you could further elaborate:
1. "most social chatter has absolutely nothing to do with PR effectiveness". How would you define PR effectiveness? Is it computable according to your definition?
2. "Those influencers have nothing to do with measuring traditional consumer awareness". What about traditional consumer awareness. I am interested in the computational aspect of the term.
3. Don't you believe there should be a holistic approach, in any case we are talking about a unified brand that we try to quantify.

Thank you in advance.

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