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Thank you Gary, a most insightful article as ever. We are as you say now about to go through some significant change in our industry.

Customer Analytics, as you describe it, is the combination of what a customer says and what a customer does - and we now have in our hands the data and tools to derive insight in both areas cost effectively.

What people do: Behavioural analytics clearly relies upon us all to integrate data from multiple systems (web analytics, email, crm, etc.)to produce the best possible data set to enable better insight. You have previously mentioned Quantivo and iJento as being two technology companies that have the capability and potential to be strong platforms in this area and I would strongly concur.

What people say: Sentiment analysis - is that the best title for this work? I agree with you completely that this is a very important area and hopefully we will rapidly replace 'counting friends' with 'sentiment change' as a measure of the impact of much of our activity.

Thanks once again for providing such a fine summary of where we are at, and how about a campaign to get the WAA to become the CAA? Just kidding Jim!

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