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In regards to your answer to question number 2: What are you going to do in the event the agencies are lacking or lagging....

How is the client fixing your suggestions? By themselves? Are they hiring outside consulting? Certainly the agency is not fixing...

Agreed that you want to divorce yourselves from termination and partnering with agencies and consultants, still don't understand who fixes. Thanks!!


I have to disagree that when an Agency is lacking or lagging there is no hope for them fixing it. In many, many cases, clients simply don't get the best work an Agency is capable of. Making it clear what expectations are via good measurement (and making sure it's clear when they're not met) can not only help prevent this, it can be a cure too. What happens if it isn't fixed? Then it's time to get a new Agency. That's something that an Analytics Agency can help with, but not something I think they must (or even should) be a primary influencer in. There's a lot that goes into finding the right Agency for a given client including geography, price, size, relationship and culture. If I understand your thinking, an Analytics Agency that identifies that an Interactive Design firm (for example) isn't doing well should also have an Interactive Design firm they'd recommend. I see your point but I don't really agree with it - particularly when it comes to fields like Web Design where there are a vast number of possible choices many of which are truly excellent. I think limiting your client choice to some small set of "approved" partners is unnecessary and when you have partners like that, your tendency is going to be to recommend their work and find fault with others.

So I guess I don't agree with the idea that the process itself can't help create fixes or with the notion that an Analytics partner to be useful must come to the table with a complete set of solution partners.

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