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Wow, what a detailed series of posts. I've been advocating a segmented look at customer activity for a long time, with limited success internally. Site Wide KPI's and 'Best Practices' are the most overused (and irrelevant) terms in Web Analytics. I find it very interesting how executives and other managers will pour over detailed reports breaking down offline sales data into a multitude of segmentation's, but when it comes to the web they revert to such generic terms and requests. I've seen a lot of money being spent on reports which end up being pretty meaningless.

What has been very helpful from reading this series is your encouragement in structuring the two-tier approach. Most of what I've done previously has been a single tier. The challenge I have is putting together a tier hierarchy for our web data which approximates some of the segmentation we use in our brick and mortar business. They won't and don't need to be exactly the same, as they have two different functions, but one of the great learning's I've come to appreciate over the last several years working with web metrics is the need to explain things in terms/concepts other people throughout the company already use whenever possible. It's a great feeling when you're trying to explain something to a manager and you convert the 'web' talk into company talk and see the light go on in their heads all of a sudden.


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