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Gary, this is a great post. Resonates with me quite a bit - my team just finalized an integration between a Comscore survey of attitudes and the Webtrends data for the surveyed site. We are using the resulting integrated data to really help us understand the site experiences driving positive attitudes. For each person who responds to the survey, we capture every action they took on the site (every page viewed, every document downloaded, every success event triggered). We then marry that to their survey responses and verbatims. What comes out of that is a model that we are using to help optimize the site experience. Behaviors that are correlated strongly to positive survey responses are getting a higher priority placement and those that are correlated to negative survey responses are being removed or lowered. Granted we are still having to deal with a survey bias, but when it comes down to it, this is some of the most actionable data we've been able to provide to this client.


It's funny, because I've gone from being a skeptic about the integration of VoC and Web Analytics data to a huge fan. Not only is that combination analytically rich - which your experience definitely speaks to, but it turns out to be an essential bridge between targeting and attitudes. When we do classic Web analytics, we don't necessarily need to build that bridge. But when you try to create personalization or testing strategies, understanding the attitudes that drive or could drive behavior becomes essential.

Thanks for the great comment!

Thank you, Gary! You explain a very(!) important point of potential failure.

I believe it is even more essential to understand this problem when running a business which happens not entirely online, and even more for non-sales websites (like some B2B businesses).
In my experience, these are typical cases where targeted marketing is well developed and mature, but often also disconnected from any webanalytic methodology (and then WA might be treated as a reporting job placed in IT).

I am looking forward to the next article, as always.
For today I am more than satisfied ;-)

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