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Looking at how CMS Watch is evaluating the dnieerfft Web Analytics tools in the market, one question came to my mind:Has anyone ever looked at the CMS solutions in the market to evaluate which is the best one for Web Analytics?What if you are looking for a brand new CMS and want to pick one that will offer the best features for a new web analytics implementation? Something- Integration with several analytics tools- Easy tagging and tracking code installation, with almost no IT intervention- Hierachy handling- A/B Testing ready- Event tracking- ...Or even put together such a list of features?Nice post, by the way!ThanksJose

Organization will still need a Web Analytics specialist or chmpiaon. why? because for marketeers/business users, Web Analytics is only a part of their job. They don't want to have to learn all the technical knowledge that is required, to follow WA best practices & technologies, to coordinate implementation and more.That is typically the role of a WA specialist, expert or whatever job title. I don't like much the title "web analyst" - I think it does not reflect all the aspects mentioned above.So yes, you are right, role will evolve but certainly not die.Michael(

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