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I've been working on a new meta data taxonomy for my company's website -- these are great insights. It seems that meta data is a real weak area for many analytics implementations. But now that GA offers custom variables, there's really no excuse for broader adoption. Thanks for the post. -Carson

Great post!

Another implementation that really helps is linking user ID to their actions, conduct individual-level analysis and present aggregated the results.

I think I skimmed over this post a few weeks ago, thought I agreed with the general gist of it, nothing new to learn. But I just reread properly and must admit I hadn't thought of half of those types of page meta-data. Obvious in hindsight but never occurred to me previously.

And I agree, most are unlikely to ever appear in your regular reporting, probably unused in most analysis but could be absolutely critical in answering certain business questions. Looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

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