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Would a path length report cover most of these paywall reporting issues? In Discover I can add metrics to this report, filter by content type, which gives me a pretty good idea about how PV caps might impact revenue. Good to know about the eVar approach - I have not experimented with it as much as I should.

Excellent post Gary (one I wish I'd had when we were figuring out this stuff..!).

This is a gap for most web analytics tools and yet another example of where looking at single averages isn't so useful. Your earlier post on using SQL-based solutions for web analytics is particularly relevant here too. If the data is structured correctly it's trivial to count the number of users viewing 1,2,3.. pages.

Great Post.It explains very nicely how web analytics used for paywall.I am curious about your next post because i want to know how many pages actually losing and what’s happening after visitors hit the Paywall.

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