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That's interesting, I got the exact same result. I also struggled with that part of the job hopping survey. I guess great minds think alike :P
Regarding that survey, maybe it's because all the reasons for moving that were given were pretty valid anyway.
But what if the person is going to a job at a rival firm? Would the leaver's answer matter in that case?

That's a pretty good point about joining a rival firm. At most levels, I don't take it too seriously if someone moves from, say, HP to IBM - but when you work for a small company/niche business or, of course, if you are stealing clients - that's it's own brand of trouble.

I guess the more I thought about it, job-hopping just doesn't seem unreasonable these days and from the outside it may be pretty much impossible to tell if somebody left because they are fiddle-footed, were pretty much shown the door, or left for something clearer better.

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