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Thank you Gary,
Great and reasonable account of both point of views. Extreme and blurry or confusing claims are often smoke and mirrors disguise of overtly simplified trick and pony show or blatant commercial interest. The danger lies in people taking those claims for obvious and universal truth as if they came from God himself.

Your analysis brings excellent points. In fact, anywhere from 60 to 90% of IT-related project fails (depending on the source) and this is obviously true of BI projects. But I wouldn't be surprised it's the same of web analytics projects!

This post is great is so many ways. Thanks!

This great post reminded me when I first started reading analytics for a car transportation company website, the auto shipping network.
Long way we have come now!
Thanks for keeping it fresh!

Like Tim with his car moving analytics, I started with an online radio station, using valuable tools for reading real-time traffic and listeners for the site. I've always tried to use every single aspect of these tools in order to achieve my goals and nothing has failed me yet. People need to trust these tools far more. They do work, they're great to use, and can get you a long way.
Great article.

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