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Gary - you may have hit upon the holy grail of real time analytics. Thank you for bringing it to light :))

Would be interested to know where "tagging" would not be appropriate? Also, what do you think about the "accuracy vs. precision" debate on web measurement?

Thanks for an enlightening read.


Within the confines of traditional web analytics systems, I think tagging for date/time is nearly always appropriate. But tagging for ad hoc requests just never seems to happen. It has to be a really important analysis to get someone to change a tag. That's why I favor being extra careful about the implementation and also why I like web analytics systems that provide a lot of back-end configuration and ad hoc segmentation.

Accuracy vs. precision is certainly a fascinating topic and there's no doubt it's a legitimate one for web analytics. There are analytics problems that require very high accuracy - but many do not. Most analysis efforts do require reasonable precision.

But in web analytics we usually have a very poor idea of our accuracy and of our precision - and we'd probably be appalled to know the truth about either.

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