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Looking forward to the webinar. You are covering my favorite topic!

Lauren Vargas
Community Manager at Radian6

Gary & Scott,

Great job on the webinar! It was both enjoyable and educational. I hope that you will continue to collaborate and produce more of these!


Great article! This topic has come up multiple times in my conversations with business owners. Now I have a better way to explain it to them thank you very much.

This is by far one of the best and most in depth posts i’ve read in quite awhile about social media ROI and analytics.

Not to say that ROI can’t be measured, it can. It will take some of the old tactics such as surveys and asking “where did you hear about us” in order to measure lift and changes in behavior. Ironic that as the Internet evolves we may be making full circle where businesses at some level do have to make that leap of faith … at least on some marketing activities.


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