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I've recently sat through a demo of Speed Trap. This UK-based company is known locally for its web analytics tool. I've used it in the past to a good degree of satisfaction.
However, they now seem more focused on the data collection side rather than the reporting interface. Their measurement model tackles several of your points successfully.
They use a unique JS tracking code on each page that can track user events without having to tag each event separately. This significantly simplifies the tagging and testing processes.
The pricing model is based on number of visits rather than server calls so micro-tracking shouldn't necessarily increase cost.
Speed Trap recommend sending the collected data into a data warehouse for analysis and segmentation.
The data could also be used in conjunction with real-time decisioning tools such as Chordiant or with content and campaign management tools such as Alterian and Neolane.
Speed Trap have kept a low profile so far. But intend to ramp up their marketing in 2010. So might start making a name for themselves in the US.
I actually think that Adobe would have been better off buying Speed Trap rather than Omniture if the whole integration of measurement was at the heart of the deal. Would have been cheaper and more appropriate from a technological stand point (given Speed Trap's app tracking capabilities).

I still believe there was a market positioning element to that acquisition - Adobe is positioning itself as a potential acquisition target for Microsoft. It already has the application platforms competing with Silverlight. Now it has the measurement platform. At least that is my speculation.
Anyway, Speed Trap is certainly a company to watch in this space.

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I agree with many of your points. At my current employer, our transaction volume and security concerns make tracking our application prohibitive. I think this is an area for a nimble vendor to exploit!!

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