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Great topic/post. Having a high cost product and long consideration period funnel, this is a subject I'm heavily focused on and pursuing too. Agree that it can be essential to truly understanding the segments in your funnel. Don't be surprised too that quite possibly the same behaviors/segments will show more than one distinct pattern/velocity. Using other measures to abstract this velocity can also prove useful. Thanks!


Great point. While visitor velocity is slightly different in a long-lead sales cycle than in an operational or digital media setting it is nearly identical in measurement. The one component I'd recommend adding in long-lead sales cycle situation is velocity by "function." You want to see visitors move into increasingly deep / sales-oriented content and you want to see their velocity hold up or even accelerate. Note that this type of velocity measurement is also very useful for trigger-based marketing. There's no reason to wait for a funnel drop-off to start marketing (assuming that you have a push mechanism available to you)!

Great topic to write on. Theres very little on this out there... keep it coming..... We have users create CV's online and its something im always curious about. Users do go in 2, 3 times in the future to change their CV, but we don't measure the velocity.

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