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Looking forward to your next couple posts on this topic. I think a lot of advertisers are still afraid to run their ads (search or display) on mobile because of the complexity of measuring the success of those ads (tracking from click or impression to conversion). 6-12 months ago, I looked into many of the mobile analytics solutions (Bango, Mobilytics, Ameathon, etc.). While there has been some good progress made, we still have a long way to go to get advertisers to feel comfortable.

See you at XChange!

Matt Lillig
Yahoo! Search Analytics Lead

Good article Gary, having worked on mobile analytics for some years now, I wanted to add a couple of notes...

Regarding cookies and the mobile browser limitations you mention. There are browsers that fully support cookies, but still delete those cookies when the handset is turned off or the browser is exited – some popular Nokia handsets do this. Secondly the carrier can get in the way so that cookies get handled differently according to connection. We saw one example where connecting through a carriers WAP gateway blocked the cookie from reaching the handset and stored it on the server instead. In contrast, connecting through the carriers internet gateway worked fine. Since the handsets were automatically using both gateways it resulted in strange behaviour, a poor user experience and inaccurate measurement when using ordinary tools.

We also see problems with cookies when the carrier uses a transcoder to reformat sites for display on mobile browsers. These solutions step all over formatting and can prevent cookies ever reaching the phone. These problems are then compounded when the user switches connection between carrier networks and WiFi.

While mobile provides a much better measurement environment, you need to use a true mobile solution to get the most from it. The Bango Identifier technology ( does not depend on cookies for identity. Instead it leverages a wide range of mobile partnerships, from carriers to handset and browser manufacturers. This is the secret to providing accuracy and depth of information on mobile. If you have not tried Bango Analytics out yet, you can get a trial at, I would be very interested in your feedback.

Matt, take another look at Bango, we are busy adding more reporting tools to analyse campaigns. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on what you felt was missing most.

Andy Bovingdon
VP Product Marketing, Bango.

Hi Andy,

I think we've got some people within the mobile group working with you right now.


Hi Gary - I have been doing some research in the mobile analytics space for a while (not very long though and I am definitely not an expert). What I find interesting is how many versions and stories you can get out there. It is difficult to get the 'real' story so to speak on what one should care about and measure.

The other problem I see is that the entire focus of mobile analytics seems to be for advertising purposes almost to the detriment of the general mobile user experience.

Still learning... in the meantime I am compiling a list of resources around mobile analytics and if you come up with stuff I can link to just let me know.

Please visit me at -

Jose HC

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