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ObservePoint is very interesting and I had a great chat with the team while attending eMetrics. While WASP ( doesn't have the scaling and "corporate" appeal of ObservePoint, WASP offers a different perspective and works with secured websites (intranets, extranets) as well as transactions, offers an instantaneous view (instead of waiting for crawl results, or when in the process of implementing the tags and you don't want to push to production right away) and is a lot cheaper :)

I also had a talk with Maxamine a while back and the outcome of our conversation was essentially: we try to address the same challenge from different perspectives, and we don't address the same market (i.e. Fortune 1000 vs long tail). There is clearly room for both products.

From this perspective, I think one would largely benefit from WASP for quick, on-the-spot checks, and Observpoint for large scale site audits (over 10,000 pages).

Stéphane Hamel

Thanks for mentioning ObservePoint SiteAudit, Gary.

To get more information on SiteAudit, visit

If you're interested in a free preliminary scan of your site, please contact us at [email protected]

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