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Interesting concept...A few misc. items to keep in mind...First, Omniture SiteCatalyst eVars can actually hold 255 characters now (vs 100 in the old days). This may allow you to store more questions in fewer variables. Second, you might want to consider using the Products variable which can store multiple values vs. an sProp or evar. Another idea worth exploring is to pass the survey question as a variable and use a Counter eVar or an Incrementer Event (set in the Product string) to capture the question answers (if you want to add up the scores). I have not tried these myself, but wanted to throw them out there as ideas to explore...Thanks!

It would be great if SurveyGizmo would create a merge code like [question("time taken")] or [page("time taken")]I'd like to know how many sedoncs a survey respondent spends on each question or page, not just the total survey time taken.Inserting a survey time taken merge code on an earlier page in the survey does not record this in a static way. It changes dynamically as the user continues through the survey, and ends up in the data report being the same number of sedoncs for the whole survey.Also if a user stops taking the survey, but then returns later to resume answering questions, does the timer stop and then re-start, or keep going in the meantime?Michael Scarce on Thu, Apr 28 11 at 2:50 pm

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