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Hi Gary-

Thanks much for a very informative primer on API usage, for the mention of our API capabilities, and for the opportunity to clear up some of the murkiness that you point out about our token mechanism.

To get started, each login company gets 2000 monthly tokens for free. Omniture customers can contact their account representatives to purchase more if needed. Those 2000 tokens are 'use them or lose them' on a monthly basis; we don't currently offer 'rollover' tokens, but it's something we're looking at.

In terms of API consumption, whenever a single API "call" is made to Omniture's Reporting, Admin, SAINT, Discover, Data Warehouse, or Data Sources APIs, 1 token is charged. Most generic *Reporting API* requests will require 2 tokens; queueing the request for the data will consume 1 token, and the receipt of the data itself will consume 1 token.

In our other APIs, most transactions will consume only 1 token. As we enrich the kinds of data available via the APIs, it's possible that we'll increase the token charge for certain calls, but for now each single API call consumes only 1 token.

I hope this clears up a bit of the murkiness around our token mechanism. Please feel free to contact me [email protected], or visit (some pages require your SiteCatalyst login), or contact your account manager if you have additional questions about the API or how to get access to additional tokens for your environment.

Chris Wareham
Senior Director, Product Management

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