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Very interesting, original, but Gary, very puzzling post.You address here a cultural dimension of analytics that's highly relevent to the reality of measurement. However, even though it is most probably right, I will have to hide your post from many people I know!

I would be too afraid they would use what you're saying to get back to their old "gut feeling" ways of doing things, i.e. do stuff without being really concerned with the concrete, tangible results. I know it's not what you're saying, and I believe your pointing out of the dangers of misusing numbers is very true, but an organization/manager needs to be very mature about analytics to apply what you say correctly.

I believe adoption is currently the deppest and most important problem with Web Analytics.I think we are at a stage where misusing data, rather than not using it at all, may still be a better risk to take.

Without the technical approach, I think gut feeling is not enough. I agree that not implementing it right is the biggest risk.

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