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Great reflections on WA to date. Bigger challenges lie ahead of 2009!

Thanks! I'll need it!

Good post Gary. I agree that this economic downturn has been a tough one. But while it's been rough for some, the recession has actually been beneficial to others. For example, we can all afford gas again. Billions of dollars have now been saved by consumers. Another example is that I was actually able to purchase a home because of the drop in home prices and interest rates.

In my opinion, I think that this recession will be good for analytics in 2009. Why? Because the recession is forcing people to become smarter spenders. Online marketers are quickly learning that each budget decision they make, moving forward, is crucial to their business. In 2009 more online marketers will only want to make decisions on things that are measurable. This fits perfectly into the web analytics scheme.

I'm already seeing this happen right now in the search and display advertising world. Sign-ups for for Yahoo's Sponsored Search Analytics grew 17% from October to November. I'm expecting an even higher percentage of growth from November to December. Why the increse in sign-ups for Yahoo Analytics? First, it provides actionable information to help online marketers manage their two largest online spends (search and display). Secondly, it's free.

Free and actionable. A trend in analytics that we'll see more of in 2009 (especially during a recession).

Look at the growth of attendees to the eMetrics events? Look at the growth at the Omniture Conferences? Amazing.

We're in a unique position right now to make web analytics really shine through this recession.

There is a lot of bad ahead, that will bring good as people reinvent themselves to deal with it. Nice post by the way :)

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