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Hi Gary,

I voluntarily left all nuance out of my comment for brevity purposes. Obviously, I am not promoting the use of false, or wrong information in the name of adoption. I am very concerned though with the capacity of a lot of organizations out there (or the sufficient merit of web analytics in the eyes of many companies) when it comes to invest time and energy in establishing the processes you talk about. I totally agree that, if one is at the stage of implementing those processes, not only use, but good use of data should be the clear focus/framework.

In my WA career, I have had to deal with several cases of the situations you describe (1 and 3 being the most common). In fact, I always have to deal with one, or more, of those situations with all new clients, and unfortunately the vast majority of them is still so new to WA that we are far from implementing processes.

I guess having them is a clear sign of analytical maturity, and maybe not all organisations are destined to get there. My question is: how can one bring a company that far, while fighting subjectivity, politics, and vested interests?

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