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"Magic moments" -- very nicely put!

I have the luck of working with colleagues at Unica who are much more experienced in direct marketing techniques than I am. One thing that they point out is that the decision WHAT offer/content to target a potential customer with is a separate decision from knowing WHEN to target the person. Your magic moment idea captures the WHEN problem very nicely.

The following is a blatant plug for a Unica product. But maybe you allow for me to post it here because it is so unusual and unexpected for web analytics experts. Namely, Unica's Detect product is a state based analytics product that crunches through event data and detects changes of patterns of individuals. For example, that could be that a person used to visit five times per week but the trend is for the frequency to decline. Or it could be that the person failed to do their bi-weekly visit. The product is used by companies (especially in the financial industry) for detecting magic moments.

More info here:

And to make it neutral, here is a competing offering from Teradata:

Thanks for another great post!

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