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Gary, you're entire series has been chock full of insights and has moved the engagement discussion into promising new areas. And the distinctions you and Eric have made about audience and brand engagement are critical.

Some thoughts on media buying and engagement. I agree that the commitment to a specific medium, say a website is less important to an advertiser than the commitment to the brand. But the type of engagement with a medium--or the context of that engagement--is important. Your example of the iPod billboard ad is terrific. No one has a relationship with a billboard per se. But the advertising works withing the context of the engagement--people walking or driving past the billboard.

On a website I would posit that it becomes helpful to media buyers to distinguish between types of engagement as they relate to the buying process or the sales funnel. A banner ad or an awareness-oriented video may work well on the front door of a website. And if you could show audience interaction that could be measured as correlating to activities further down the sales funnel, you could run effective ads that are more on the consideration or transaction end of the funnel.

That's one reason why I like the the WebTrends Score idea. Whether or not it works for media buying, I don't know--I've seen demos but have no personal experience with it. But conceptually, isn't this where the advertising industry is heading with analytics--to be able to identify various types of site activity and map them against the sales funnel?

As a media and web publishing consultant, I am looking to leaders in the analytics community to see if these kinds of engagement measurements are possible.

Thanks so much for helping to lead the way with these four posts.

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