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Interesting post - however when I spoke to my MD about this recently his response was "There was a reason we didn't choose Site Catalyst in the first place, which was because it was more expensive." Although he was right, the other reason was that 400 users of HBX that we have meant that you only needed two analysts (although 400 people who think they are analysts).

With Site Catalyst, you may (although I don't know) need more analysts to set it up for the 400 users who have enough trouble understanding something simple like HBX in the first place.

I don't think it is as simple as just signing up for Site Catalyst - holding on to HBX for as long as possible is good for the 400 people who don't know that it is going to be discontinued in 24 months and don't use half the features anyway.

Not to mention the two analysts who have just painstakingly gone through training 400 people what they need to look at and where to find it, only to discover they have to implement a new solution and train those people all over again with a new tool with different terminology.

Having said that, if they run out of support or stop product development, a new tool implementation is going to have to happen sooner rather than later. As with a good joke - I think this one is all about timing.

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