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"From a marketers perspective, 25-40 is just a category. and 26 is the same as 40 but different than 24."

Then Mr Marketeer is doing something wrong.

Although I needed to re-read several paragraphs to fully get to grips with the methodology and how I could be able apply it to personal examples/implementations took some time. The post, in the end especially for a rookie as myself, was a real eye opener.

In regards to negative scores, would these all be predefined or based on pages visited prior?

For instance. If visitor XX was to first visit a high cost product page, then move on to a product with a lower price tag, in contrast to the visitors initial interest, the ROI would end up being lower if the visitor was to purchase the later (cheaper) product. Then visitor YY visits the same site, but proceeds directly to the product page of the less expensive product and purchases it. Even though they purchased the same product, would visitor XX get points deducted when visiting the product page of the cheaper product based on his clickpath when compared to visitor YY?

Thanks for the info!


This is a brilliant analysis of the new Score feature by WebTrends. I was thrilled when I saw the announcement, too. (It's funny, though, that I learned far more from your post than from WebTrends - and I am a current WebTrends customer... but that's another story)

Like Matthew, I had to re-read a few of your paragraphs as well to understand your points, but that's probably the nature of the complexity of your topic.


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