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I like your blog, it’s always fun to come back and check what you have to tell us today.

Great post Gary, somehow reminds me of the "don't believe the hype" writing of Stephen Levit in his wonderful book "Freakonmics". Keep blathering.

A brief comment on Technorati: it seems that they are incredibly good at generating SEO placement s in Google from their "search engine" so perhaps we should think of it at republished content rather than search so to speak. The relevancy of their listings as an authority is clearly at fault, however as a collection of bloggy ramblings and photos relevant to any given subject they appear to be the best in the business.

Gary, FWIW I also declined to send Avinash my Feedburner stats and also asked to be excluded from his list. Thanks for the feedback on my post and the interesting perspective on the debate!

Eric T. Peterson
Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.

Gary, thanks for the plug (I think?) I read every word of your posts!

I think you score higher on blather.


Great post. Thanks for putting those thoughts out there.

Besides the methodological issues, the thing I find the most odious about Technorati is that, based on a single metric which they have the audacity to call "authority", they come up with a ranking. And ranking implies best to worst.

Personally, I just as soon see guys like you, Eric, Avinash, and Novo post your OPINIONS about which blogs you like (and don't, if you'd go that far).

That would be a helluva lot more valuable than any Technorati ranking.

Great post.

Does this mean that US magazine isn't better than the NY Times?

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