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I can't thank you enough, not just for this very kind and honest post, but for being such a great sounding board and example for me over the time I've known you. Your compliment about my work and my position in the marketplace means a great deal to me and I know you mean every word you've written.

Regarding the data I presented in San Francisco, point well taken. Over the next few weeks I plan to write up the preliminary research and so I appreciate your comments and would ** love it ** if you'd be willing to review the report prior to its publication.

Regarding our being competitive in the space ... per our conversation in San Francisco, while I am still working out the limits of what I can and cannot provide, I take great comfort in knowing folks like you, Josh at Stratigent, and Aurelie at OX2 in Belgium who are clear about where you fit into the marketplace and have proven your excellence time-and-time again. It is my sincere hope to raise the tide and not rock the boat. Hopefully the next handful of announcements from Web Analytics Demystified will clarify my position and reinforce the faith you have already placed in me.

Thank you sincerely for the kind words.

Eric T. Peterson
CEO, Web Analytics Demystified

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