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Gary, you are absolutely right. Companies who pay their marketing teams bonuses based upon metrics need to be very careful. The only true way to guarantee 100% conversion is to not let in anyone who hasn't agreed to purchase in advance. Of course, total sales would decline.

One more point. If 100% of your visitors see a great deal in your offer, then you are probably losing money on it. The only way to get 100% conversion on an iPod would be to sell it for $1.00 and then throw in a free car.

Hi Gary,

Wow! Quite a big stone you just threw in the Web Analytics pond! From other conversations I have seen lately, I am glad that we are finally adressing the interpretation question seriously.

"In other words, a downward trend in a key measurement might be good, bad or indifferent! It might necessitate an action or it might not. And the levers for moving it might or might not be available or known."

That's an excellent point, but how do we communicate that to our client, while still delivering cost-effective value?

I think there's an expectation that hiring an analyst to "dig" into analytics, will help present the client with actionable recommendations.

How do we frame the context?

Gary you are right about that because for a conversion rate to be 100% is not that natural, it's still good to know that flow of visitors percentage is different day by day.

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