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Bringing over twenty years of experience in decision support, CRM, and software development, Gary co-founded Semphonic and is president and chief technology officer. He's responsible for leading Semphonic's development of Web analytics and SEM decision making tools for web marketing professionals. In addition, he helps companies like WebMD, Intuit, American Express and Charles Schwab maximize their web channel marketing through intelligent use of Enterprise Web Analytics.

Before Semphonic, Gary created and implemented multi-million dollar CRM systems whose customer-driven use of Web analytics increased profitability and customer loyalty for Fortune 500 companies including VISA, Bank of America, and American Express. His pioneering work in Web behavioral profiling, neural-network Web analysis, Web-content success correlation, and point-to-point process analysis has enabled major brands such as American Express, AOL, Morgan Stanley and Hotwire to dramatically improve customer acquisition and satisfaction, shopping-cart conversion and overall web channel performance - often with multi-million dollar bottom-line improvements.

Gary has published articles on Web and SEM Analytics in DM News, American Demographics, CRM Guru, CRM Buyer, IMediaConnection, Business Geographics and Business Insurance. He graduated, with honors, from Duke University and lives in San Francisco with his wife and two young girls.