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Exogenous free Econometric data are so widely available, with some effort necessary to cleanse the data and make it workable, that incorporating data should shortly become part of the standard tool box for web analysts.

Something that is increasingly interesting to me is borrowing DMA Targeting concepts to web analytics problems, see Tom Wilson's blog post here:

Incorporating the relevance of a web user's proximity to the ocean, their altitude as well as their neighboring communities is now available to a business of almost any size. The relevance has to be studied to see if it proves results, but there is definitely opportunity.

Companies are always looking for the influencers, someone who can effectively share their experiences with their products. Finding those isolated, yet highly loyal customers, that live in an area which fits the profile of a good pool of potential customers might be a good start.

Reach out to them, provide them with incentive to share and see what happens.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for the post. You probably don't expect to see too many comments on a two-year old blog post, but you are actually one of the first results when Googling "Econometrics in Business".

I work with a business development consulting firm and would love to start using some of these statistical techniques as we work with clients. I studied econometrics in college, but never quite understood how it related to small businesses.

I'm interested to check out your company and see other posts related to this topic.


Clint Burgess

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