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First of all, I completely appreciate your perspective; that performance analysis should be done against key outcomes regardless of where they occur. Where I disagree is the notion that the web analytics application is the appropriate final dashboard.

While web analytics vendors are positioning themselves as the central dashboard for enterprise optimization, they have long way to go to deliver against this promise. And it remains to be seen which applications will ultimately do the best job of following the customer.

Memetrics (don’t mean to turn this into a commercial, but can’t speak for the other “mvt vendors”) is completely focused on following the customer across channels. We follow them not to produce reports, but to deliver optimal rules across channels.

We must therefore interface with other enterprise applications to control and track the user experience as the customer moves across channels. The web is only one part of this process, and therefore web analytics, but one piece of the puzzle.

The market has spoken, and it is a tie... Optimost were just acquired by Interwoven (CMS), Offermatica was bought by Omniture (analytics), MeMetrics stands alone and Google (marketing platform) has its website optimiser.

We now have one tool integrated in each of the 4 possible spheres; the CMS, the analytics platform, stand-alone and in the marketing platform.

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